Rival is operated and owned by the reputable company Black chip. It is known for its fine gaming software and began to utilize online casinos in 2006 however it is still a relatively new player in the casino software sector. It is known for superior gaming software by providing rich quality features whilst using sophisticated technology. The fact that it is a newer company gives it a slight edge. This is because they are not in the process of updating and then updating again. They can enter new trends with new software, without simply having to plug the gap in older versions.

Rivals selection of games are as diverse as any, they include:

  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Sudoku
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Pokies
  • iSlots

Rival has a smaller number of licenses, most likely due to its newness on the market. Rival operates as a download only software company; they offer no options to play online at all. This is a fairly unique thing, as most offer at least a little on each side of the fence. They operate as download only so that they may create a gaming experience that cannot be replicated on a web browser. The sound and graphics are richer and are moving closer to pc games than online web browser games.

Rival has various formats and betting options and remains a safe online place by using software secured by a 128-bit encryption. Rival offer bonuses, transaction history statements and live chat. You may also play for free just for fun, instead of playing for money. If you are looking for slots, then you need to visit a different casino like 888, as Rival does not accept Paypal. With the system you do not get a deposit bonus, however there are tempting welcome bonuses.

The graphics are un-invasive and work so as to not distract you as you play and it also has optional complimentary music to help set the mood. Rival have created something fairly new in their iSlots. It is not a fancy pull the lever system as you may find with online games, it is instead something new. If you play the iSlots game then you becomes a character whom goes around a storyline, which is animated and interactive. The immersive RPG play works as the player completes rounds of slots. Each time they do they then go further into the storyline. To remain random, the player will not experience the same storyline every time they play.

In its short lifetime, Rival has come out to produce some of the most advanced online casino operation tools in the industry. The Backend RivalPro solution has a component feature named RivallnTouch. This is used to create customized reports populated with the selected information. It can email this information out to you, or deliver it to a PDA. This means that a licenser can know what is happening on their website even if they are not in the office.

Rival have cleverly tried to create a reputation for fairness and trust and they have enhanced this with a built in fraud protection component. Using an integrated IndentiPrint system that tracks the operators functions it means that you cannot do any administration without providing a fingerprint. This protects the licenser from malicious intentions via hacker or even their own staff.