High Rollers and VIP Players in Online Casinos – Extra surprises for VIPs

Some VIP surprises are for online play in special tournaments. These tournaments are held in the private rooms of your online casino and usually the limits are completely removed. You will be assigned a personal manager or private pit boss who is there to answer any question or resolve any issue including advancing funds so that you do not have to wait to continue playing. You will be playing with other VIP members that are of the same financial caliber. In some instances, you may invite a friend that is not a member of the casino to play in a tournament.

If you are a VIP player at an online casino when your birthday approaches, you can expect a personal call from your casino manager and a delivery to your door of some of the nicest surprise gifts imaginable. The latest laptops and iPads are typical and usually are accompanied by cakes, telegrams, or fruit baskets. Often, you will be gifted additional free wager funds for playing roulette or blackjack or a variety of other games online. Some highrollers have been given birthday parties at a special restaurant of their liking with invitations sent to the online players that they are known to affiliate with during special games. There have been parties where the player’s favorite celebrity is brought in as a special surprise.

Online casino manager’s attempt to know as much about you and your family as your best friend would expect to know about you. They keep track of your spouse’s and children’s birthdays. They know your likes and dislikes in wine, restaurants, and electronics. They know the ages of your children and their special hobbies. They know who your parents are and if living, their anniversary. This is the manager’s job and it is taken seriously. When gifts are selected for you, your personal manger is consulted to ensure that your gift is personally chosen and appreciated by you.

On other major holidays in your home nation, you will be treated to surprises from your online casino. While casinos do not openly advertise what these gifts are, the players or their friends have leaked some to the public. Some surprises during the Chanukah and Christmas season have been items made of platinum or gold – the type found at Neiman Marcus. Children receive a variety of presents from your online casino that is considered age appropriate. The younger ones have received special digital puzzles while the older ones [teenagers] might receive DVD players or iPhones. Wives receive flowers and wine for special events. Once a player is a VIP, his/her entire family is treated as VIPs, too.

Then, for no apparent reason at all, you will receive special appreciation gifts along the lines of comps to restaurants or gift cards for specialty shops. Online casinos had previously gained a reputation of only providing special prizes associated with gaming. With the entry into the online gaming world from land-based casinos out of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, they are spending more time pampering their special guests in more conventional ways.